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Vice President/Treasurer

James R. Hudson, Ph.D.


Jim Hudson is an urban sociologist and professor emeritus from Penn State University where he also coordinated its Community Psychology Program. He has spent over 30 years teaching social change and change processes.  His interest in this discipline is reflected in his academic research that can be found in many professional journals and in several books.


In 1999, he joined the Center for Excellence in Association Leadership (CEAL) to pursue further his interest in social change and change processes focusing solely on the issues and challenges membership-based organizations have addressed, and continue to address. He has spent the past ten years conducting research on the documented histories of membership-based organizations uncovering ground-breaking information that is dispelling widely accepted beliefs that challenges surrounding membership value, member involvement, leadership recruitment and leadership development are solely contemporary caused by technological advancements. He now continues this research with the Institute.


In addition to authoring several books and desk reference guides, he is currently spearheading a book-length manuscript focusing on the unique nature of and contributions made by membership-based organizations. He also volunteers with many local civic groups in his community.


Mr. Hudson holds a BA from Columbia College and an MA and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. 

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