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Special Advisors (in Memoriam)

Ferdinand J. Setaro  (1933 - 2010)


Ferdinand Setaro played an instrumental role in the founding of the Melos Institute. His mentorship will be long remembered and deeply appreciated. He made many contributions during his lifetime, shaped many lives, and our world is better place because of him. The board of directors has honored his memory with lifetime board status. So that he remains an inspiration to all, his biography is provided below.


Ferdinand Setaro was currently the managing director of TLE Consultants, a firm specializing in organizational development and improvement services. Mr. Setaro was expert in restructuring organizations, as well as designing and implementing management training and development systems. He also developed and managed human resource functions in major corporations. He was the Educational Officer for Vanguard Group, director of organizational and management development for Colonial Penn Group, director of human resources for CPG Data Group, and director of supervisory development for the American Management Association (AMA). At the AMA, Mr. Setaro was responsible for the design, development and delivery of a wide range or training programs, established a successful management internship program, and coordinated the development of a marketing information system.


In 1974, Mr. Setaro introduced the “WIIFM (What’s In It for Me?) Factor.” He presented it as an idea and approach that people could use to communicate with others to have them motivate themselves to accomplish a specific task. The concept became widely used by association management professionals to create more meaningful experiences for their members.


Mr. Setaro held a BA from Columbia College and was a graduate of the Columbia School of Business Advanced Program in Organizational Development. He was also a prolific author and seminar leader. He served as a guest faculty member at Rutgers University, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Minnesota.


He was a past president and chairman of the board of directors for the Association of Internal Management Consultants. 



Jane Fong  (1960-2012)


For several years, Ms. Fong served as the treasurer for the Melos Institute. She helped shape the Institute's fund development strategy during its early formation. She had over 20 years’ experience in the finance and mortgage banking industry and over ten years’ experience in real estate sales and property management. Ms Fong developed her expertise in developing finance packages for home, multi-family, commercial, construction lending, and small business loans. She worked closely with the FNMA/FHLMC and bank examiners in conducting yearly financial audits.  Her background also included monitoring business investments to ensure agreed upon guidelines were met. 


She earned a BA from City College in San Francisco.  She also earned designations in cash-flow analysis from Anderson Cooper, and appraisal analysis from Anthony Schools; both in San Francisco.


Ms. Fong volunteered her expertise with a number of nonprofit organizations in San Francisco Bay Area. She always made sure she had time for her three very successful daughters.






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